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Gift set of cosmetic equipment for mothers and their children. An ideal gift to make everyday rituals more pleasant and to pamper the body, soul and mind.

The gift box contains:
> Balm for sensitive and irritated skin (100ml)
> Protective anti-scald balm (50ml)
> Aromatherapy balm (50ml)
> Good night massage and bath oil (150ml)
> Organic soap for children (110g)
> Shower gel and shampoo for hair 2in1 (250ml)
> gift wrapping


Do you want to give your loved ones an exceptional practical gift that will light up their eyes with joy and will not "set dust" on them?  The box in a beautifully clean and elegant white or black design hides handmade Slovak natural cosmetics in an irresistible scent - a universal gift for everyone!

The products of the Babyphoria edition are characterized by very delicate "baby" scents, which are made exclusively of purely natural, eco-certified essential oils.

> Balm for sensitive and irritated skin (100ml) - nourishing balm with a special composition for even the most sensitive baby skin prone to irritation
> Protective nappy balm (50ml) - mandatory equipment for every mother and baby, cream for comfort and skin without irritation and redness, ideal for use with any changing;)
> Aromatherapy balm (50ml) - a gentle but effective helper to make it easier for children to breathe when they have a cold or a stuffy nose
> Massage and bath oil for good night (150ml) - multifunctional baby oil in organic quality for skin care and induction of beautiful dreams during the bath and outside it
> Organic soap for children (110g) - solid baby soap without perfume with marigold extract specially developed for extremely delicate baby skin
> Shower gel and shampoo for hair 2in1 (250ml) - a practical universal shampoo and shower in one, for all children from two years of age, who also like mom very quickly :)
> gift packaging - white or black paper box without marks, stickers and descriptions, ideal for further use both at home for aesthetic storage of small items and in creating your own gift packages