Set of Mobiles and Toys for 3-6 Months

Set of Mobiles and Toys for 3-6 Months

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This unique set of mobiles and toys is ideal for a  baby 3-6 months old.

It contains:

Wooden Bell Chimes Mobile

This wooden musical mobile makes a lovely soft sound as the baby learns to reach out and grasp the hanging ring. 

It can be introduced as early as 3 months.

The mobile consists of 3 wooden bells, that are hung from the top. There is a metal jingle bell inside of each of them.

The mobile helps the baby learn to grasp and connect their own motion with the sound.

Primary Colours Mobile

Montessori inspired tactile mobile.

A highly interactive primary colours mobile is carefully crafted that with the slighest push it will twirl.

This tactile mobile will definitely fascinate your baby. It is designed not only to be starred at but also to be grasped on as well.

It consists of 3 basic colors - red, blue, yellow.

This mobile is perfect for eye development. Also it is meant to be hung close enough so that baby can reach the discs to aid in hand development.

The wooden spheres have a non-toxic paint on them.

This Montessori  inspired mobile is recommended to be introduced as early as 3 months.

Wooden Discs

The interlocking discs are one of the first developmental materials that can be offered to babies. They will aid with the grasping reflex of the child. The design of this item allows it to gently roll away when placed on the floor.

Original Nienhuis Montessori Teething Ball
A rubbery-textured ball with knobs on it. As the infant ‘chews’ on the ball, it helps to relieve the pain associated with growing the first teeth.

Soft Book- MyMoo Animals

This small soft learning book contributes to proper stimulation of senses and brain centers of baby.

Sight - applying of different patterns and geometrical shapes which will  be fixed by babies eyes. Baby will try to focus sight  and explore.

Hearing- there is a ringing jingle bell in one of the pages. The jingle bell stimulates child's  hearing center.

Touch- there are smooth sides and grasping ribbons that help stimulate the sense of touch.